When you're in need of motivated staff in industry or horticulture, we can provide them at short notice. We listen carefully to your requirements as client, and match these with the right person. An employee who feels at home in your company because the work is nice, but coupled with good contact with both colleagues and management.

Volga-Volga uses professional networks in the new EU countries who carefully make a preliminary selection of the right candidate. The selection by Volga-Volga goes much further than an ordinary job agency. Via an optimal screening, we match the right person to the most suitable post. The chances of success for long-lasting and successful hiring of personnel are therefore greater. We only use candidates with knowledge of German and English at the very minimum. This ensures that communication can be fluent in the case of situations which are unclear or obscure.

We have the unique opportunity for our personnel to study Dutch at our internal training institute. Nothing is better than becoming proficient in Dutch in order to open yet more doors for the employee. And the possibility of really feeling at home becomes significantly greater.

We are also pioneers in matters such as insurance, transport and accommodation. Accommodation is arranged in lodgings which have previously been completely checked over and come up to the requirements which currently prevail in our country. We guarantee to provide motivated and qualified personnel who can integrate effortlessly into your company.

For protection in connection with tax issues, you will receive a certificate of good payment-conduct from the Inspector of Taxes, together with a part-payment of your account from our Giro account.

Give us a call straightaway or fill in the contact-form so that we can come back to you immediately, explaining all the possibilities and extremely reasonable prices which we have to offer.